Is it possible to create a static bluetooth pin - TTGO Tbeam

I’m not sure if this was covered anywhere already but as I’m just getting started with Meshtastic and Tbeam hardware, I’m curious if the Python API allows setting a static BTLE pin.

The reason is that I’ve already damaged one of the OLED displays so I cannot sync the hardware to the App without seeing the Bluetooth pin number. Would be great to just hard set this somewhere prior to use.

If you connect the radio via serial using a program like putty you can restart your device and see the code. (I can’t remember if you have to attempt to pair to it for the code to show up in the log)

  • Baud Rate 921600
  • Data Bits 8
  • Parity Bits N
  • Stop Bit 1

Or double click the user button (on a tbeam its the middle one) and a the LEDs will flash quickly twice, then enter pin of 123456


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