Northern Virginia and DC, USA

Would be fun to make a network around DC!

Find my node named noclip-station near Dulles airport
on the node map: Meshtastic Map

Listening on LongFast defaults: Meshtastic Channel Settings | Meshtastic

Feel free to PM me to coordinate more!

Have you found any more nodes in your area? I’m starting to put together a network in my neighborhood near Chesapeake Beach, MD.

@Sparks no one close enough to make a connection in my area, altho there are a couple new nodes on the map since August! Just need more people plugging in nodes to make a Delmarva mesh.

Hi, I added a node 100m above Ballston Metro Station.

This is my first node ever, and I think have it set to act as a repeater for all messages/channels even the ones he can’t decrypt.

Edit: I put him on the map for everyone to see.

If you have any tips on how to properly tune/set the settings I welcome them.

I will try to find a good antenna. If the person in Alexandria is on here then I would love to collaborate and set up a directional Yagi antenna to your node.

Right on @ballstonmesh

Curious what is the hardware and antenna currently?
And how did you mount a device 100m AGL?? Especially in Ballston being a rather dense city.

I see your node on the canvas map. Would be helpful to add a connection URL in the details, or in this thread, so people can join you. Being so high, yours could be a primary router for the area.
May I suggest using the preset named ‘LongFast’ for primary channel. Then add an ‘admin’ channel on secondary, and maybe your own private spaces on channel 3,4,5,etc

I’m happy to recommend an antenna if you’ll tell me what size you’re looking for. Welcome to PM me.- ted

Sorry, I am new to this, it is roughly 100m ASL. I have looked at an online DEM and think this makes the AGL about 20m (I will update momentarily).

I used the link you posted in the first post as the channel as the connection URL, but as it is in repeater mode I think it will forward ALL messages?

He is a tbeam with the tiny default antenna, and I have a good omni I will put on him when I mount him permanently.

I have a second tbeam that I will build into a case with a solar panel that I hope to convince a tall-building owner to let me keep on the roof.

The default behavior for Repeater and Router device role is to rebroadcast all packets it is able to receive based on 1. Primary channel and 2. Modem settings, regardless of channel settings.

If you want your Repeater node to rebroadcast all packets regardless of access and keys, set Rebroadcast mode appropriately. See the docs here, refer to ALL_SKIP_DECODING which makes it a true Repeater for nodes outside your mesh channels. Device Configuration | Meshtastic

Regarding antenna, the included ones from TTGO have decent performance. An Omni with 3-5 dbi gain is a good upgrade for you. Too much gain may cause your node to hear it’s own packets from reflections, raising the noise floor and decreasing performance.- ted

OK, think I set it for long-fast defaults, but in the app it says the channel is #LongFast-I with psk of AQ==

Is this the same as you suggested in the opening post?


I also updated the map with the long-fast I have and a qr code.

From the look of things we are REALLY close to an actual mesh :slight_smile:

Yep that’s the default PSK for longfast

Right on

My node can be heard 3-5 km depending on hardware. That’s a far cry from Arlington so we’ll wait for more nodes in the area.- ted

I plugged in my best guess values for the currently populated nodes into the UISP design center, which is a really handy tool.

I have the radio set to their 900mhz with a 6dbi omni.

Currently no station can see another, but it wouldn’t take much to fix that problem.

Do you have a favorite omni antenna?

Ideally one for indoors and one for outdoors.

Trust anything from L-com. Not sure about indoor ants, all mine are rated outdoor.

I use this antenna on home station: Lcom HG906U-PRO

If you want a cheaper option, here’s what I would do:

  1. search amazon for ‘helium antenna’
  2. filter by your price range, sort descending by ratings
  3. click thru the first few and look for reviews with pics showing some nerds have tested that product on a VNA

@ted near fair oaks hospital but don’t see anyone around me. Have a t-beam with generic antenna at ground level. Lots of 100’ trees around me. Plan on driving by Reston hospital area to see if I have better luck picking you up.

Hello @babobba good to see you here

Unfortunately my station won’t listen past the west side of route 28 since it is built on a terrain ridge; you can see my station center here. Its antenna is mounted just 3 stories high and, like you, we have plenty of trees in the way of our 915 waves.

Btw if you have the stock antenna, they usually don’t perform well. Check out this list of Antennas to use instead: GitHub - RicInNewMexico/Meshtastic-Antenna-Reports: Results of antenna testing by the meshtastic open source community.

If we’re going to build a mesh, I think we need some nodes mounted higher. I’m open to ideas – friends with antenna towers, house or office building roofs would be ideal. That is until Lorawan gets built into street lights then we can all benefit.

Looks like I am 6km or so away. I did a quick drive by the town center area but did not pick up anything. Not sure if I am doing it right. Thanks for the antenna recommendations, looking to acquire one for a vehicle and fixed location. I am spending some extra time to mount a few extra antennas, just need to work out spacing, EMI, feed lengths, etc.

As for getting higher antenna locations, the ham radio community likely has the experience/contacts to inform our efforts.

I’m not involved in the HAM community around Nova; maybe someone else is involved?
We could use friends with access to towers, buildings, and other high point sites.

The two vehicle ants on that antenna reports page are great options.
For a mag base, I use this one from Proxicast: There is a used option for $16 right now, good price.

Hey everyone,
New here. Just built my first Meshtastic. It’s a mobile device, but mostly in Northern Reston area (it’s on the map general vicinity).

When I’m at home the device is maybe 20’ AGL, but like the rest of you I’m surrounded by 100’ trees.

I don’t think I’ve connected to any other devices, and I’m using Android so the MQTT settings don’t matter.

I have channel 0 set to LongFast and AQ== (915 MHz)

I figured I’d be able to connect to the one in Reston Town Center, maybe 1.5 miles away, but nothing

I do have another, yet to put together. And I’m thinking of setting up a fixed station - just need to find a high place and then I’ll determine the power supply (grid or solar) - but this idea is down the road a bit. Need to get the current nodes connected.

I actually ordered the Taoglas antenna based off this chart. This guy has been very helpful, and he’s very active on the Discord channel.

But it’s a bit longer than I’d prefer.

I think future builds will use a smaller antenna, from the same list though.

Welcome @Whootie-Who
Seems we’re all looking for high mounting spots … or a few more closer nerd friends :rofl:
At least your channel settings look correct.- ted