User in Seattle -Tacoma Wa

Are there any users local to me. I am looking to get a network setup . I am between Seattle and Tacoma Washington.


Not quite, I am located in Centralia.

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I’m in Covington WA. Just got my first two Meshtastic nodes yesterday, so I’m pretty new at this.


Nice! I am in south Auburn. As of right now I am still on the trial phase . I am set to “long range very slow” and I am reaching near the community college . I have 3 nodes now and 3 more coming and I will start distribution to my friends and family to start the building of the network.


Ah! I might be line-of-sight from the college (it being on a hill IIRC), but that same hill may block direct access. I’ll match your settings, but will have to learn how to find your signal (me being very new to this).

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I will let you know when I have that node set up . And I should be able to just send you my settings and if we are in range we should be able to make the contact.

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I just got a node that I’ll be using in Snohomish, WA (home), and in Kirkland, WA (work).

Quite aways out of my area . Hope your mesh is going well!

A couple of nodes in 3 Lakes…

I’m in Tacoma and work in Seattle. I’m trying to build a network between Seattle and Tacoma.
Any thoughts?

What is a good general rule of thumb for node placement? Example every 100yrds, 1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles?
This will help for node placement to build a mesh in the puget sound region. Thanks

I am not a expert by any means but what I do know is that the spacing of the nodes is dependant on the terrian and vegitation ( line of site) .Do you have nodes already ? I do know a area where I have line of site to Tacoma .

I have one on a hill in Tacoma and one going to be placed on the roof of a 3 story building in north Tacoma that has a puget sound view. I have two more going up in Seattle around the Green Lake area. I’m try to get line of sight over the puget sound. Queen Ann Hill and Vashon Island are in the way. Will probably need some around Queen Ann hill, Alki, Vashon Island to get messages from Seattle to Tacoma. Has anyone placed solar powered ones up in trees yet? Is that a thing?

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Yeah I’m in the south Seattle and north Tacoma areas and am looking to start up a network as well. Mostly for emergency comms and am looking to purchase a large high gain fiberglass lora antenna to put at the top of a 55’ flag pole on property in west seattle. At 55’ you can see about 5 miles north east from my house towards downtown Seattle and only about 1 mile south east towards burien. Because of this in looking to install a Yagi antenna pointing south east towards burien and will be installing a Yagi at thr top of a tree about a mile away in line of sight which will be attached to a solar lora metastatic weatherproof unit which will be installed just below the yagi and then of course there will be an Omni directional antenna installed up there too. The tree sits on a friend’s lot and hes cool with the project just as long as it’s not usibf any of his electricity and is l secured tightly with no chance of anything falling off

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As soon as I get my Heltec LoRa v3 s hopefully I can see the nodes near 3 lakes, I’m a few miles down hill from there in Monroe.

Let me know … I have 2 heltec and 2 t-echos… in 3 Lakes.
Waiting for some others to come in, wisblocks with sensors and an outdoor box.
Meshtastic should be great in Snohomish Co all the way to BC… fun stuff

I have some stashed in trees but no solar yet

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Emergency comms is my main purpose as well. My home area is auburn but I do work in sodo. Let me know if we can help each other out . As of now my setting are “Very long/ slow”

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West Seattle/Delridge here. Looking to get some devices very soon, but not super hopeful yet as I live between two hills. Still excited to try.