Newbie.. having issues sending messages on mesh network with more than two devices

I’m new to this. I have several devices, a WisBlock kit at home, a couple T-Beams and several Heltec V3’s. If I use two devices, I have good luck sending and receiving depending on signal strength. However, once I introduce more than two devices to the mesh I can then receive but sent messages never are received. They are almost always acknowledged but they just never show up at my home station.

For instance, if I set up a WisBlock kit at home, and take any one of my other devices and send a message it is received, up to about a mile away with the T-Beams and maybe a little less with the little pocket HeltecV3’s. But for testing I’ve put a second T-Beam in my car as a client and then I’ll go somewhere in range of the car and send a message from home and I receive it fine. But if I reply, I get “acknowledged” on the iOS app but the message never shows up at home.

I’m using the latest stable version Beta on all devices.
I’ve wiped them all and re-flashed with Meshtastic and I’m just using the Primary channel or attempting direct messaging.

All messages from home to my phone work great with the T-Beam in the car. Without it it’s spotty as there are some walls and very small windows at work. That’s the reason for the T-Beam as a mesh client in the car, to boost my range.

Anyone have any ideas? Am I missing a setting somewhere? I’ve also put a 5db antenna on the WisBlock home unit, and it’s doing great, but still not receiving messages if I have more than one device trying to mesh. The T-Beams are using the stock antenna. I do have another 5db antenna I will try on a T-Beam later but I am wondering if it’s a setting or a firmware issue instead of an antenna issue.

By the way, sending from my phone I either get:

Acknowledged - but message never shows up at home
Implicit ACK from another node - message never shows up at home

If you see “Acknowledged” when sending to a channel, it only means at least one node rebroadcasted your message on the mesh. You’ll see “Implicit ACK from another node” when you try to send a direct message, but another node rebroadcasts it and the intended recipient didn’t acknowledge it. So, it looks like the T-Beam in your car is rebroadcasting it, but it can’t reach your home. However, your home node is able to reach you, maybe because it has a directional antenna.

So, it may be a signal issue from the devices I’m sending from then? Weird that they can hear well but the home unit can’t hear anything back.

I will have to try and get the home unit up higher and try again, it’s using a 5db 915mhz omni. I don’t have an outdoor enclosure yet so all I can do is put it in a window. LOS is an issue in my area. Not much of a way of putting these devices very high, but that’s the reason I wanted the mesh to work.

I’ll re-position or try adding more nodes and see if that helps.

Just as a quick update, it seems to have been a signal issue related to the crappy antennas that ship with the T-Beams. After replacing the antenna on my home unit and on the one in my car, transmission seems to work well bi-directional.

The setup for now is:

Home: Wisblock Kit with a new 5db antenna
Car: T-Beam with a new 5db antenna
Inside the building I’m testing with: Heltec V3 in the pocket of my jacket with only a small exterior window well above where the Heltec V3 is located.

None of these units have LOS, the car and my home units are approximately 8/10ths of a mile apart with trees/houses/etc. and are both at ground level.

Trying without the T-Beam in the car results in random results, if I put the Heltec V3 in a window it works about 80% of the time, otherwise I can receive but not send.

So, if you’re ordering T-Beams get some new antennas off Amazon to go with them, the included ones are junk/very low gain.

I’ve run into this issue with the Heltec V3’s as well. Sometimes the antenna given is a 915mhz antenna and sometimes its not even though I am ordering the US versions. I picked up a pack of 915mhz antennas to replace the incorrect ones off Amazon as well and all of those units are working well.