New Heltec® Wireless Tracker product

Hi, there is a new product from Heltec.

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Hi, yes I have two of these devices ordered and on the way in order to add Meshtastic support.


Discord beat ya to it lol. They look neat for sure, made quite a few folks excited about the prospect.

Has anyone gotten these to work? I have two boards I just got from Heltec. They are v1.1. When powered up they endlessly cycle “wifi connecting…” “wifi connect failed”.

I cannot seem to get the flasher to connect to it for uploading new firmware.

When I read the log I get:

Build:Mar 27 2021
Saved PC:0x4207378a
mode:DIO, clock div:1
SHA-256 comparison failed:
Calculated: 3611f330726ad4edf64f62982b0568332a5800bc59425cab90be5379db92c108
Expected: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Attempting to boot anyway…
entry 0x403c98d8

Press and hold the user button then press RST and let go. That’ll put it into download mode, then use flasher.

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Perfect! Thank you! They both are running 2.2.11 now!


I am now running 2.2.16 and am finding the screen won’t timeout and stays illuminated. Anyone else seen this issue?

Good evening, does anyone know which PINs the bme280 sensor connects to in this device. Thank you

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Same issue. Went back to 2.2.13 to get the screen to timeout and lost use of the on-board gps for some reason.

Strange. The on board GPS works with 2.2.13 for both my units. I have one running 2.2.11 still and it is working just fine as well. It is currently showing 8 sats just a few minutes after a boot.

I just updated one to 2.2.20 and it seems the screen time out does not work. What I did notice was the screen seems to freeze upon the expiration of the timeout duration.

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Noticed that too. Then upon “waking” the device manually or with a msg…it will only update then kinda do the same again with only the change in brightness.

I am also trying to figure out the pinout for SDA SDL.

There is no solution, it depends on the firmware, maybe it will be fixed in the next updates.

Seems someone is working on it: Fixes [3074] Heltec Tracker Screen issues + minor fixes by Gabrielerusso · Pull Request #3213 · meshtastic/firmware · GitHub

Hi, I tried the new firmware 2.2.24 there were improvements on the heltec wireless tracker but the bme280 sensor on pins 45 and 46 doesn’t work. When connected the module does not turn on. I have already notified Gabrielerusso.