ESP Web Installer not flashing

It connects to the Heltec V3 module okay .
Then the flashing process is unusually fast.
When it finishes all there is is a blank screen.

Can you click on the Logs and Console button and tell us what you see?

Where is the button?

Same problem here for a Heltec Wirerless tracker board.
Flashing is unusally fast, and device does not properly boot afterwards. Seems it does not transfer the firmare completely.

Short Update. I was able to flash the latest firmware (2.2.13). It takes the “expected” time.

Flashing 2.2.11 goes super fast (5 seconds) and the device does not work afterwards.

After using flasher I get 0x10 (RTCNDT_RTC_RESET), boot: 0x12 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT) in logs

Just redid it via python cli seems to be working that way, I’d advise avoiding web flasher for a bit

After you select CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller, you should see this dialog:


Click Logs & Console on there to access a serial console.

The flasher is back to working

Hi I cannot seem to get the ESP32 Web Flasher(from Downloads | Meshtastic)to load on my computer. I click “go to flasher” it looks like it is away to load a page, comes to however says “This site cannot be reached” please can someone advise if its my end?

If is temporarily down, try

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Thanks that link worked:)