Meshtastic Device Firmware now update-able via Bluetooth

Wow! Way Cool - Im sure it’s not news to some, but I have just started to hunker in and begin performing updates to the various software etc… after 6 months of inactivity and I just updated device firmware from an earlier version to a newer version via the android app and Bluetooth! I stumbled onto this after attempting to pair a new phone to an old device and it all happened right there on the Bluetooth app pairing screen with a progress bar and all (Its slow but it is Bluetooth after all).

You all have been working hard and I appreciate it (gonna send a tip when I find that post that lets us do so). Sorry if my posts get a bit negative when I get overwhelmed and confused by things from time to time :slight_smile:

This is only for ESP32 devices on android for version 1.2.

Really, is it expected to be available for other devices in the future?

FYI this is one of your devices I purchased off of Etsy :slight_smile:

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Yeah I am working on finishing up the channel QR code for the apple apps first and then we will start working on the OTA functionality.

Hey Garth,

Is this the correct latest firmware for your device:

1,711,568 firmware-tlora-v2-1.3.40.e87ecc2.bin 915Mhz TTGO Lora32 based LoRA mesh communicator device

PS please let me know if I am not supposed to be talking about your products on here :thinking:

Meshtastic app shows it as a V1 so I guess this is the right one:

1,705,184 firmware-tlora-v1-1.3.40.e87ecc2.bin

Yes that is a lora v1