New device alpha 1.2.41 but you only need it if you have TTGO T-Echo (woot!)

Hi ya’ll,

So this release only has changes to work with the display TTGO is using in production for their T-Echo NRF52840/SX1262/Eink product. You don’t need to upgrade if you are already running 1.2.39.

Dear TTGO congrats on shipping your board! The application load you can use for programming is “firmware-t-echo-”
firmware-t-echo- (509 KB)


Does this mean the basic framework for eink in other devices could now be supported?

i.e. could someone wire a waveshare epaper module to a tbeam?

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Yep! In fact, for this release I switched from an older eink library I had been using to one that @Linar recommended (because it supports the eink display that TTGO switched to for the production build of their boards). That library supports a huge variety of eink displays and adding support to use display X is probably less than one day of work if someone wanted to do that.

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