Multiple Bugs - Heltec v3 - Android - Firmware

Hardware: Heltec v3
OS: Android

Bug 1
When running “client” or “router client” after about 45 min the unit goes to sleep. The android software shows that its sleeping. after about 60 min the android shows disconnected. Press the button on the radio to wake it up and it wakes up. Bluetooth connection never reestablishes. Forcing connect in android OS will not work because heltec is not broadcasting bluetooth. Reset required to use. Messages waiting for delivery to device are lost in this process.

Bug 2
When running in “router client” or “router” mode, once wifi is enabled and commands are sent to heltec, it appears to be operating but no longer accessable to meshtastic software on android. Not accessable on wifi either as it appears to not connect but no errors are displayed. Serial connection shows no logs at all unless you include logs from boot. reset does not correct issue either. Firmware flash required to regain control of device.

Bug 3
Message history delivery (store & forward) fails for any device.
Number of records: 20
History return Max: 100
History return window: 60 (min)

Able to duplicate this on 4 Heltec v3 devices. Standard run is 2 running router_client, 1 repeater, 1 router that I would like to get connected to wifi for mttq at some point. Right now nothing appears to work as documented.

See that new verison just released. Stiartin testing on that.

Update 2/28/24
Testing verison shows the following:

  • WiFi connection working as expected.
  • Faster message delivery.
  • Less buggy bluetooth connections.
  • Store & forward fails if device is in router_client mode. It will not save messages. It will forward to second router with store& forward available, but it will not save the message to send when it back in the besh range. That does not seam optimal operation for mobile devices.
  • Still need to test sleep modes.
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Update 3/1/24
Testing power save.

With power saving turned off Bluetooth has no issues. This shows that when the unit wakes from sleep that bluetooth does not get turned back on. Not sure if your suposed to use power saving mode with clients, but it kind of is needed for long use times. Also since there is no active way to wake the unit and get bluetooth back online your loosing messages. This is a software bug that should be looked at further and have a priority associated with it. There is a real need to conserver battery as well as continous function.

Power saving is not really suited for usage with a client app, but you should be able to wake it up with the user button. Also make sure that your phone is not in power saving mode or has given limited access to the app.
I recommend using boards based on the nRF52 MCU (T-Echo, RAK4631, etc.) for low power.

Regarding Store & Forward: make sure to use latest Android app version, it should work for both ROUTER and ROUTER_CLIENT once you enable it.

Ya its not waking with the user button. Tested with 2.2.24 and its just worse. Have to enable power feature to get battery calibration. it would be nice if you didn’t have to enable that feature to get the battery to read correctly.

Would be nice to have good time on these devices too. not seeing a way for the router or the device to take time sync without GPS attached.

I am having the same issue if not worse with my Heltc V3.1 board. It will not wake up from sleep and unable to flash the firmware. I had the latest 2.3.2 installed and I was trying to flash with the older 2.2.2. Power saving bluetooth was no selected in both device and the phone. I connected it to client site and tried to set it to “Client” there, it will not save. It was running fine under “Client” before I set it to “Router”. Now it is in a state of coma… should I keep talking to it and perhaps read stories on bed side? Will it help waking it up? :smiley:

Finally, after multiple resets while connected to PC, I was able to quickly set the device back to Client mode before the device went into sleep mode again. So far it runs fine in Client mode and I will not put it in Router or Repeater mode for the time being.

Thats what I had to do too. Just keep reseting and time it right.

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I verified this and tested.
The User button is not waking it.
This version of the firmware appears to have multiple bugs for router_client device mode on the Heltec V3. Sleep settings aside.
Also when in router mode, the display powers on for 1 seceond even when set to 0. This again must be a bug in this version of the code.

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