Meshtastic Long Range


Yesterday evening I was involved in montly ham radio contest. I brought with me meshtastic device to evaluate the coverage from Bric Mindino, south Piemonte at border with Liguria.

We are very appy about the result: All nodes active in Piemonte were received by a node in Liguria, maximum range of about 160km.

Not so bad!!

@IZ1IVA @ik1jns



Very cool.

Did all of the nodes have Yagi style antennas, and were they also on maintain tops?

Very nice find another 10km and you have the record! Did you get ACK’s from messages?

Oh, let’s give @iz1kga a record… The longest record in the northern hemisphere.



All nodes are on omnidirectional antennae, save for two of my nodes (a surplus cellular BTS antenna for “Boschi f5c4” and a Moxon for “Castellamonte 2adc”, both beaming South and sitting at moderate heights).
However, “TOJNS00_32e0” is installed in a fabulous location on a mountaintop!

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Sorry For the delay,

this is what we get.

Bellissimi risultati! Saluti dalla Puglia!