Swiss Meshtastic User

In Switzerland there seems to be a real meshtastic pack in our region of Aargau, let’s see if one or the other is there, or other participants from Switzerland
Meldet eu doch do :wink: :switzerland:
73&55 Haflinger73

I am in Hinwil - Züri Oberland - If you want we could find a suitable elevated location (or two of needed) so we could establish a link. Let me know your approximate location so I can play around in a bit… I am still working on a solar repeater project to connect to someone in another valley. Meshtastic activity has increased massively in recent months, but there still aren’t any fixed repeaters in useful locations yet. So far it is just nerds driving around in their cars and doing range tests and the like. BTW, haflingers are very cool, do you have the twin cylinder boxer variant or the one that runs on grass?

Hello michi
I still write in English (i.e. Google translate) so that everyone can read along. Thanks for the reply. I am from the Brugg (Remigen) region and we have a functioning network here in the region, all the way to Lake Zurich (it will soon be tight with 4-5 hops to reach everyone). Due to the topography, we already have several well-placed routers here (most with solar). I already have 2 solar routers running myself, one will follow in the next 2-3 weeks on the Lägern near Baden (a good location at 800 meters above sea level). Yes heywhatsthat is a cool tool, there are even better ones. Since I am also a passionate CB radio operator, I have been working on propagation conditions for a long time. It’s quite a distance to Hinwil. In general, the nodes in Switzerland are distributed very selectively. On a trip to Wildhaus via Wintherthur, I only recorded one Mesher in Germany and last week via Bern in the Diemtigtal I recorded 2 nodes in Solothurn. Here in Aargau we have almost 40 devices in the air and an almost seamless network. Maybe it will work with a connection. As for the Haflingers, I have three of them that don’t need any hay or straw :wink:

Remigen, huh? So, if you place a repeater on “Top of Geissberg” we should be able to establish a link, according to heywhatsthat. You are about 57km from my home address, my longest link so far was 46km into Dettighofen(DE) [Elrir Router], have you ever seen that one pop up in your node list? Maybe it is time for me to get a serious antenna, I’ve only ever played around with the simple ones that come with the t-beams, t-loras and the RAK.

I played with CB too, i noticed that CB has pretty much the same kind of reach as meshtastic, it’s just that the Antennas are super unwieldy and repeaters are very hard to do and need 400 watts worth of solar (no one does this), so overcoming topology is not happening most of the time. Also, getting normies to participate is nearly impossible, meshtastic on the other hand is just another messenger app on people’s phone.

If a repeater was placed in this designated area…

…, then pretty much all of Züri Oberland would be reachable from your neck of the woods:

This is the coverage of the one solar node I am about to place.
Just doodling around on heywhatsthat…
What were those other tools that are even better?

Yes, I would even have access to the Geissberg transmission tower (145m) from my employer :wink:. At the top, the node could be charged overnight via anti-collision light. But the tower belongs to many providers, it is not that easy. Yes, with your node, we would have the interface on site. Exactly, we also have the Elrir on our map in the Dettighofen DE area. Yes, CB radio is my second passion, especially antenna construction and yes the parts are huge, so it’s easier to build something on 868Mhz. On to the little stubby antennas. They’re not that bad. If you attach a large rod antenna with 8dbi (which is almost unrealistic) and then have 30-40cm of cable in between, you will be wasting most of the profit. I’ve already measured everything. What’s better than heywhatsthat: you can calculate the transmission power, antenna gain etc. everything.
A picture from my Dimand-Loop Tripel Element:

In the last few years, I have been able to win every major CB contest in Switzerland with various antenna designs :star_struck:

Wow! I just realized there are some users in the region to talk to once I setup my nodes (which are on the way to be delivered to me :-)). I will join the club the next few weeks in the region of Aarau/Lenzburg. Let‘s connect!

Hello ydontwe
Aarau/Lenzburg is still sparsely populated, but take your node up a hill and it will definitely work from there. We really have an active group here in the Brugg/Limmatthal region. Kind regards Haflinger73

Hi Lun.
Placing a router onto the Lägern is a good idea. I also planned to do that. Soon we will have a nice network in the Brugg, Baden, Zurzach area.