Meshtastic @ Burning Man

I just ordered a stack of official Meshtastic stickers and Meshtastic fridge magnets. I also have some Meshtastic keychains and Meshtastic dog tags. If you’d like some, you can find me at “Nova” (on Esplanade @ 3:00). If you have a repeater setup somewhere, let me know and I’ll come out to meet you there. It’d be totally awesome to take a picture of Meshtastic out in the wild @ Burning Man!


I gotta know… what are entry fees this time around, and how many nodes? Map? I’m jelly AF.

We now have a router/client on a high point overlooking the city, thanks to the kindness of BRARA. Please take a moment to consider donating to this radio club;

There’s a solid city mesh now, mostly centered on the northwest side of the city around 9:00/C.

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