Meshtastic android app not finding units

I have been tinkering with Meshtastic off and on for over a year and have 4 ttgo Tbeam units to play with. Last night I upgraded the android software from the playstore and it suggested I upgrade the firmware on one of the units which I did. Now none of my other units show up in the list of connectable units. I have unpaired on of the units in an attempt to then re-pair it, but no scans show any additional units. I then chose None(disable) and now no units show up. The plus button does not display any units.
About reports that it is ver 1.2.64 This in on a Samsung S20 FE.
My units are running firmware 1.2.64 and 1.2.58
When I go to the debug window I can see data from the units.

What do I need to do to get things talking again?


some samsung phones have a bug and require location turned on in the Quick Settings. try that.

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I got my Meshtastic units out again today and updated the firmware to with the PC flasher app. Then updated the Android app on my phone, and the Apple app on my iPad.

I connected my T-Beam to the Android app and it suggested I update the firmware to 1.2.64 (The iPad app didn’t offer a firmware update).

I wondered why the latest firmware found through the PC flasher app isn’t the same as the latest firmware found through the Android app. It seems that the Windows Flasher app tries to update the dropdown when I press ‘Get Versions’ but then says ‘False’ next to each one. Like this:

running: 1.0.61
start of get_versions
tag:v1.2.64.fc48fcd populate in dropdown?:False
tag:v1.2.63.9879494 populate in dropdown?:False
tag:v1.3.10.cc2a84a populate in dropdown?:False
tag:v1.3.10.4df0e91 populate in dropdown?:False
tag:v1.2.62.3ddd74e populate in dropdown?:False
tag:v1.2.61.d551c17 populate in dropdown?:False
got versions

If I try to check for a new version of the Windows Flasher app, I come to a broken link on the Meshtastic website:

I also had problems making the Android/ iOS devices connect to the T-Beams. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Android app and the iPad app. Forgetting/ unpairing the Bluetooth devices. It took several goes but it did eventually connect. (I have an iPad Mini 6 and a Xiaomi X11T Pro.)

not familiar with the flasher, but you can find the page here: Using Meshtastic Flasher | Meshtastic

there are a lot of changes going into the docs, if you run into any other broken links try the search bar in the top right corner.

Thank you for the reply.

I’ve got the latest version of the Flasher going now, and it’s great.

You won’t be surprised to learn that all the links within it (eg to information about the various plugins) are broken too. (eg,, etc). I’ll use the search box to find those then!


I have verified that Location is ON and Meshtastic is listed by the OS as accessing it.

this is what I mean:

if that doesn’t work can you find the TBeams from Android Bluetooth settings?

The location button is blue.

I have three of the devices previously paired showing in my list of bluetooth devices under Connections>Bluetooth. I unpaired one for a test. When I scan with Android Bluetooth it does not find anything.

When I scan with Meshtastic by pushing the “plus”, the list from “Choose a device to be managed by Meshtastic” is blank. The only option above is “None (disable)”.

I pulled out an ancient phone (LG G4) with an old copy of Meshtastic (1.2.31). It lists the devices in Meshtastic as able to connect.

right. if android system can’t find the bluetooth address, neither can any app. this suggests something is up between the T-Beam and the phone.

try to remove/forget all Meshtastic Bluetooth pairings on your S20 FE then clear the NVS on the device following this video:

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so I followed the procedure and additionally reinstalled the app. Unpaired all units, uninstalled the app, double click middle button, then triple click to clear BT from unit, pair with phone, reinstall app.
Now the app will see one of the devices (not the others), states “Not Connected” and has the one unit it knows about greyed out.
If I click the “plus”, after searching, under “Choose a device to be managed by Meshtastic” shows a blank screen.

Everything was working fine, until I updated the app from the app store and it requested and I installed new firmware on one of the devices. Something about the new app version isn’t behaving.

try to unpair and let the app handle pairing after clicking the add button (not using android settings).

I unpaired two of them and had the app search for new devices. The “choose a device to be managed by meshtastic” still comes up blank.

How do I revert an app version which installed from the play store?

Should I click the “submit a bug” button?

the blank screen you mention is provided by android system. it triggers only after a device is discovered, so it shouldn’t be blank.

all releases for firmware: Releases · meshtastic/Meshtastic-device · GitHub
and Android: Releases · meshtastic/Meshtastic-Android · GitHub

you can certainly submit a bug.

Stick with one operating system. You’re asking for trouble trying to mix iOS and Android on one network

This is not accurate at all, clients just display data from the device.

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@garth Is this for me?

If so, my comment is, fairly obviously, generic advice. Accuracy doesn’t even come into it as we don’t have enough information to be accurate.

Which leads me to: how accurate does accurate need to be?

I’m not a developer, nor am I a computer scientist, so technically I defer to others.

Maybe you could expand? Perhaps I misinterpreted the issues raised.

Agree that clients just display data from the device - the problem is, how do you handle devices with different OS’s on the same physical (wired or RF) network?

In theory the mesh topology should be device agnostic, but I’m just wondering if there are subtleties in BT implementation on the different OS’s which may hinder packet forwarding… interested to hear your views.

Málaga, ES

Yes, that is bad speculative advice based on nothing. The lora mesh is not affected by the clients using bluetooth in any way. Nearly every network has devices connected to iOS, android and one of 3 pc operating systems.


I uninstalled Meshtastic, unpaired the units, rest the BT on the units (double click then triple click, rebooted phone, reinstalled Meshtastic. No joy.

I am kind of dead in the water.

Any debug info which might be useful?

seems like a bug in a few samsung models. investigating if we can make it work.

do you have “Nearby devices” showing in: Settings > Apps > Meshtastic > App permissions ?

Under App permissions:

Allowed: Location, Nearby devices
Not allowed: camera