Android app won't connect to Tbeam

Phone: Android app 1.2.67. App says my phone is compatible.
Device: Tbeam LORA32 SX1262

From the App, I press the + button, then it says “Choose a device to be managed by Meshtastic”. The list is blank.

I can run meshtastic-flasher and access device settings from MacOS.
I can run CLI to issue commands.

Any ideas on getting the phone app to find it?
Oh well there is a blue/red blinking light on the left side, and a red blinking light on the right side.

Where is a good place to find firmware? I think mine came with the meshtastic flasher.

My location is turned on.
Bluetooth on phone is turned on.
My device region is set.


Hi, well I found out how to get the firmware versions and to use the esptool to upgrade/downgrade! I upgraded from 1.2.53 to 1.2.65 but still the Android will not show it in the list. Perhaps it is the app or android version.

Android 12
Samsung Galaxy S10e
Meshtastic 1.2.67

Tried Android app 1.2.65 and that also doesn’t pair. I filed a bug (pressed the bug button on the app). Somehow I am supposed to mention the bug or “they” are supposed to find this post and tie it back to the press of the Bug button, but I am not clear on how that works.

I’m having a similar problem on a T-beam and I’ve started to think it might be a hardware issue, i.e. broken onboard Bluetooth.

Are you sure you’ve encountered a software issue?

I am not 100% positive, but I do have 2 TBeams and neither will pair with phone app. Could very well be hardware but Im not sure how to confirm that.

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I was able to successfully pair with v1.2.40 android app

I experienced the same issue yesterday with a brand new RAK wisblock (19007+4631). The workaround was to erase the board completely, re install the latest firmware and do the initial Bluetooth pairing from the smartphone/settings/Bluetooth menu.
Then only could the meshstastic app connect to the board.
it is certainly a bug from the meshstastic app.