Meshtastic 1.3.17 Alpha - June 13 Public Preview


Thanks for all the feedback over the last week with our first public release of 1.3 and have version 1.3.17 for us all to try out.

While we stabilize 1.3, we’re going to do our best to push out a release every Monday since the feedback we’ve been getting have been totally brilliant! Hats off! The responses have been beyond expectations.

Our 1.3 Enthusiast page has been updated with information including the latest builds. Check it out:

1.3 Enthusiast | Meshtastic



Thanks again - this time I updated TBeam instead of installing. When it starts up I can see following:
06:10:22 105 [Router] Slot time: 42 msec
06:10:22 105 [Router] NOTE! Recording critical error 7 at src/mesh/RF95Interface.cpp:82
06:10:22 105 [Router] Saving /prefs/db.proto
06:10:22 105 [Router] Saving /prefs/config.proto
06:10:23 106 [Router] Saving /prefs/module.proto
06:10:23 106 [Router] Saving /prefs/channels.proto

So, is there any way to read these records to see if it happens more than once ?

Here are my results for T-Beam 1.1 (EU433):

  • Uninstalled the App

  • Removed all bonded mestastic bluetooth devices

  • Installed Android App v1.3.17

  • % ./ -f firmware-tbeam-1.3.17.c9822de.bin

  • Open Android App, add a device via “+” button, the tbeams shows, selecting it starts the pairing

  • In pairing, I just enter the number and hit “ok”, I do not select “pin contains symboly” nor “grant access to phonebook”

  • After the pairing dialog, it is named “Unknown 4510” and I can change the name and set the region - which I do (region EU433)

  • I switch to the channel, it is in #LongFast-I per default, I leave it.

  • I see a Critical Error 7 on the device screen, not sure when it appeared

  • In the Android Apps devices list tab, the device is still listed as “Unknown 4510” although I changed it. It is also reverted in the settings tab, so I change it again, this time finishing with “enter” and when I go back to the devices list, it has the new name.

  • I guess changing the name must be saved by hitting enter and just continuing to the region selection wont save the new name - this is a bit non intuitive

  • I send a message and the devices display reads a big Critical fault #7 and a link to the website

  • At the chat tab in the Android app, the message is marked with a strike through cloud after a moment. Maybe this is because the device is alone in the channel yet

  • I delete the Android App cache and user data

  • I flash the second device % ./ -f firmware-tbeam-1.3.17.c9822de.bin

  • I pair it with the Android App as with the first device

  • this time I hit enter after entering a new name and then set the region - and it is saved correctly as I see in the devices list tab

  • I have the Critical error 7 also

  • I send a message and see the devices display reads a big Critical fault #7 with a link to the website as on the other device

  • The message is received instantly by the other device (it is not pushed to the devices display, but I can rotate to the message view via button) and the cloud symbol has a checkmark on the sending device

  • A second message also works, but both devices switch back to the Critical fault #7 screen as I send the message


  • macOS 12.4
  • (Stock) Android 12 (Pixel5)

The Critical Error 7 will be solved with the next firmware version. No need to report that one any more.

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Bumping back up so people see this before installing 1.3

Some quick feedback on 1.3.17:

  • no issues updating two TBeams
  • IOS app pairs to TBeam easily and Bluetooth connection seems stable. Reconnects if I go out of Bluetooth range and come back in proximity.
  • Android app is where I’m struggling. Full disclosure: I’m using an old tablet with Android v6.0, so that may be part of my problem, although in 1.2.x, the Android app was rock solid. The biggest problem is the pairing process and keeping the Bluetooth connection alive. I’m also getting a lot of crashes with the Meshtsatic app.

Would you like me to publish a new version? 1.3.18?

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I would definitely love that, as I am struggling with the Bluetooth connection, so any improvement in this area would be more than welcome.

1.3.19 was published this morning :slight_smile: