Make less sleep time in the app?

Hello seniors apk developers.
During testing of the deployed network or during mobile use for GPS, it is convenient to turn off the t-beam or other mesastik module for a shorter time. In the application (1.2.17 is used) on the phone in the additional settings section, the default values ​​are 300 seconds for the board sleep and 900 seconds for the GPS. It is impossible to reduce these values ​​over a sufficiently wide range. For example, while driving while testing network coverage, I want to reduce the GPS sleep time to 60 or 120 seconds. But the proposal says 900 is the minimum amount. It is very uncomfortable. Can the restrictions be lifted in new apk releases?

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The intention is to save as much battery as possible.

From what I have read, a sneaky work-around to help you would be to use a backup battery and plug the device in via USB. I think in that case… it won’t go to sleep. Give it a try!

Transferring the device from sleep through an external USB connection is not what I need. This is solved by the second line in the advance menu. I have a question on the first line of the advance menu - this is the question of GPS sleep. I agree with all points on the topic of non-volatility. Perhaps this is true for the basic position. To solve some organizational issues when building a network, the topic of aggressive energy saving rather interferes than helps.

The setting is in the protobufs. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know if it will work the way you intend.
meshtastic --set gps_update_interval xxx

The reasons for the limits in the app were discussed previously. Lost messages while testing - #19 by Spor7biker

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