Error: null when T-beams are sleeping

Not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but I noticed that after the T-beam goes to sleep (the initial one after a few minutes after no bluetooth activity), if I try to send a message from my phone I get an “Error: null” message. I had to manually wake-up the T-beam with the middle button in order to send messages to the network again.

I submitted the a bug report within the app. I am using the latest version of the app from the Android app store and I am using commit 420b7d4 of the meshtastic-device source on a T-beam.

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ooh thanks - that definitely sounds not right. It should have simply queued the message till the next time the tbeam checked in. I’ll investigate/fix tonight:

[ Correction - change of plans beer and movie instead but I’ll do this tomorrow ]

hmm - alas I’m unable to reproduce this. What is your model of phone (so I can find the bug report in google)?

It’s a Galaxy S8+ running android v9 kernel 4.4.153

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oh - I see - I’ll put a fix in today and update the bug. Thanks for the report!

HI, got a similar issue, the phone never seems to wake up the node. Is it possible to stop the sleeping completely? It is not an issue as the device is mains powered with the 18650 just as backup.

the device wakes to check in with the phone every 15 mins to see if the phone has queued any messages while the device was sleeping. But you are correct, I was probably too obsessed with getting a super long battery life. Within the next weekish there will be a feature so anyone can adjust these parameters in the android app (already possible but underdocumented from the meshtastic python command line tool)

I’ll do a post and improve the python tool docs now.

That’s amazing. That would be much better. I plan to install a device at the site of my amateur radio TV repeater here in SE London, ( ) and another at my house, both with external antennas on 868MHz. This is a pre-test before I move to building a network on the 70cm amateur band (this will take sometime to get licensing consent) In this case the repeater will be on all the time and not require any sleeping, the repeater sites will just in effect be mesh repeaters with no local phone connected, perhaps just to the station PC for flashing s/w updates.

Is there any ETA on an iPhone App? I’ve had to beg a couple of old Android phones from a friend to test this, but it is certainly working quite well now that I’m getting the hang of it.

re: iPhone app
There has been some initial interest from a few people, but so far no public proof of concepts. Hopefully some of those seeds of interest will progress into apps but no ETA yet.

If anyone wants to make a cross platform app (using whatever framework) - I’m happy to help.

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