Feature documentation?

I just got 2 of my 3 TBeams up and running and started playing with them yesterday to see what they can do.
I was having issues setting up both from one phone. I was having issues with texting the link to add the second TBeam, but eventually (somehow) it worked I also have some questions about the Android App and how some of the features are designed to work.

I imagine that most of my questions (if not all) have been answered before. I’ve been looking but have not found what I need. Is there a place that I can find documentation on basic feature operations? I don’t want to waste peoples valuable time if a little reading will likely answer most of my questions.


Hi e5c :slight_smile:
You can check the wiki of the app here

If you have doubts don’t hesitate to ask :grin:

That was very helpful, thanks.

I’m curious about the “Broadcast position period” and “Device sleep period” settings.
Is broadcast position just what it sounds like?
What exactly is meant by “sleep”? Can it still receive messages? What events will wake it up?

BTW I am on 1.1.48

I think those are advanced configurations, I don’t have hardware to test but if they are already defined I don’t think it would be wise to modify them without knowing what they are for :sweat_smile:

But I infer that “Broadcast position period” is the time in which the position is announced to the other nodes :slight_smile:

And “Device sleep period” I think is the time in which it is put in power saving… but it will wake up when a message arrives :slight_smile:

Both assumptions ^^

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You’re right on all points.

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OK, Broadcast position is as expected. It would not let me set it to anything below 375 seconds.

But, device sleep period…
What exactly is turned off when “asleep” and what events will wake it up?


The cpu is put to sleep while keeping the memory alive so it can quickly wake up.

The Lora radio is kept powered up and if it receives a message from the network, it’ll wake up the cpu.

Thanks for the info.

I also found more details on this WIKI page:

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