Latest Meshtastic IOS crashes instantly


Yesterday all was fine… now when connecting to my meshtastic client it crashes instantly

Last update was 16 hours ago


Was there any resolution to this? I am having issues where sending a msg on 0 public, secondary channels, and direct messages to devices is causing the application to crash and disconnect from the client bluetooth. Many other commands also seen to be crashing the app. 2.1.15 beta on all nodes and

This post is from 3 months ago, it’s not likely they were having a legitimate issue and it resolved itself.

Which version of the iOS app are you running? I would also update your nodes to 2.1.19. Have you tried clearing app data?

App version 2.1.15, same as the firmware on the tbeams. I will update the firmware and retest. Just something else I noticed: the metrics logs and last contact information date are 15y2m out of sync

Updated firmware to 2.1.19 and it’s fixed.