Javascript & Typescript developers wanted!

We are currently looking for developers keen to work in a Javascript/Typrescript & Likely a React environment, beginners are welcome.

There are four main projects:

Meshtastic-client: [Typescript, React, Snowpack]
The web interface that will eventually be bundled with the device firmware.

Meshtastic Docs: [Docusaurus, Typescript, Javascript]
Combined website and documentation for all of our projects.

Meshtastic-Hub: [Typescript, React, Snowpack, Mapbox-GL]
Sorta like this but for Meshtastic

Meshtastic.js: [Typescript, RxJS]
Library that powers Meshtastic-client and many other things out there

If any of these interest you, please DM me here or on slack and we can chat about what you can do to help!


Also this is a great way for people who have been wanting to learn webdev to work on something fun and useful.


Is there any updates on these as would be intrested :slight_smile:

What are you interested in or what skills do you have/want to learn there are plenty of things that you could help with.

I’m a grad CompSci student, with a heavy Typescript and React background. So happy to work on anything, but Meshtastic-client and Meshtastic-hub, looked interesting to get stuck into :slight_smile: Let me know what’s available to work on.

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Mostly looking for help with the client app, mostly exploring functionality and architecture for the app.
Looking as implementing a redux store as I’m starting to see the benefit for the app.
Feel free to join the slack channel and we can discuss specifics.

Cool will hope on later today :slight_smile:

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Do you have an invite link to slack, as cannot register lol