Meshtastic development live-chat

Hi ya’ll,

Based on a comment from @Professr, I’ve just made a slack for meshtastic. This is a ‘live’ chat so IMO people should mostly try to use the forum instead (because searchable, threads etc…). But if you are coding on the project and you have questions/ideas as you are puttering away hopefully other devs will be around online and can discuss.

Everyone is encouraged to join if you are interested in possibly futzing with the meshtastic code (either the device code, the apps or the python api). If you have bugs to report please make github issues instead. If you have questions about using the devices/apps, probably best to just post in the “Support” forum here.

Invite link here:


Are you folks still chatting via Slack? It seems this Slack link has expired.

Hi, yes the do :slight_smile:

Maybe give this link a try:

Here’s a new slack link, it’s valid for 30 days:

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