Meshtastic.js - a javascript library for meshtastic

Hi all,

there is now a javascript library that allows building web/js applications for meshtastic.
@geeksville offered to add it to the official meshtastic github project, so it can now be found here:

What it can do:

  • Connect to multiple meshtastic devices
  • Start configuration process on connect
  • Get device info and node database
  • Receive messages from device
  • Send messages (text, position, data, packet)
  • Set device preferences
  • Set owner data

Right now all this is possible over bluetooth - the browser must support that. HTTP and USB Serial connections are planned.
Also, the documentation/examples is not complete yet, a work in progress.

If you have any thoughts or questions about it, feel free to share. :slight_smile:


@thepoweroftwo Excellent addition to the project.

I have a couple of TTGO LORA32 v1’s without the GPS. Look forward to implementing sending a location.


Update: meshtastic.js 0.3.0 released

New features:

  • HTTP API support: Connect to a device over HTTP(S) (still in development)


  • Updated protobufs to latest state
  • Fixed where exception was thrown that could not be catched
  • Now also available as a gzipped file

god damn this sounds great. I’m super glad that you and @mc-hamster made the web api thing without hardly any help from me! Bravo!

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