How to setup a Mesh Node?

Hi all,
new to Meshtastic and I have a question.
How can I setup a LilyGO TTGO T3 as a node? I mean just as a repeater without having to pair it to a phone/user?
I see this has already been answered:

Is their away to setup a repeater (mesh node) that will work with Beartooth or GoTenna?

@podi62 Hi, you can set router mode via python API, see here.

@Electric2u currently this is not supported. If i remember correctly it’s been discussed somewhere here in the forum. I think FreeATAK could be used as a bridge between meshtastic and gotenna. Never read about Beartooth so far.


Also, personally I’m not super interested in adding bridging for closed source radios (because the various Chinese radios are so cheap and extendable). Though if someone wanted to send in a pull request if happily merge it.

@drewsed I clicked on your link and I think I maybe overlooking/missing the answer to @podi62 question. If you want to just make a repeater, do you need to pair it first with a phone, then select/program a channel for it, and then unpair it leaving the channel paired to it? Thank you.

Yes. What you describe is the procedure. All nodes will route for others.

If you have a particular node that is only intended to be a router: you can use --set-router to decrease it’s power consumption and ensure it never sleeps. Alas, that UI isn’t in the Android app yet, so you’ll need to use the python tool.

Thanks @geeksville. I ordered 3 “TTGO LoRa32 V2.1 ESP32” with the intent of beta-testing one of the three as a node and using the other two as communicators. I’ve dabbled with python on Linux (editing and running scripts on both RPI 4 and Jetson Nano); but I’ve never used Python on a ESP32…should be interesting.