Newcomer looking for hardware

I just discovered meshtastic late last night… or was it very early this morning? Can’t recal. Anyway, I’m glad I did because I always wanted a decentralized network to communicate with family and friends (since I was 10!) . Now this concept has become more popular because we own an off-grid house, where there is not even electricity. We usually go to walk to the mountain and the cell signal is almost non existing.
I am pretty sure that I want to start with three nodes, 2 of the esp32 modern ones with GPS to act as walkie talkies and another without GPS to act as a central node on the roof of the house.
So I want to get some advice about which specific models to pick, there are several very similar and I don’t see big differences between them. I’m also very interested in solar powered nodes, at least for the central one

From there some other use cases for a near future are:

  • Tracking my car
  • Tracking my son baby-car
  • Family communication when we go out to another country or the mountain

Not sure if my future use-cases are possible, but I’m pretty sure the basic one it is.
The e-ink devices are also very attractive, specially for finding other nodes.

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Bit out of the loop, but it sounds like you want two Tbeams for mobile use?

For the house one, I’d run a USB cable to it for practical purposes, maybe with a small UPS if you worry about power outages.

If you’re interested in the solar side and want to play/hack/help, then I’d look at the NRF stuff as it’s much lower power, and maybe the RAK4361 specifically. Afaik this is still a work in progress, so expect bugs/work/tweaking.

If you want it to be easy, just get a third Tbeam.

yes, definitively I want to start with a pair Tbeam for the easiness and being cheap.
But the hardware page lists several models:

Maybe I just should buy the hardware linked in the getting started page?

The SX1262 is the better LoRa Radio vs the older SX1276/8, the Neo N8M is a better GNSS chip but a better GNSS antenna helps more and it only comes with an IPEX connector not an SMA one.

So this version of the t-beam would be my pick.

Neo n6m +SX1262

You will also need some screens

That’s what I’d do: Overview | Meshtastic

AFAIK Meshstastic makes a dollar if you do.

Quoting Daniel Rodríguez Rivero via Meshtastic