Newb Qustion - Which repeater hardware to use?

Hello everyone, first time poster and I’m happy to be here.

I purchased two LILYGO LORA32 T-Beams that work fine when when communicating with each other, however I would like to extend my range a bit.

I have access to a tall building that would be a great option to place a repeater node. My question is, what hardware do you guys reccomend using for a dedicated router? The device will be in a waterproof enclosure with access to power, but solar would be a nice option too.

Should I keep it simple and get another LORA32 or something else?

Thank you very much,

A LORA32 is not a TBeam, they are different devices. Either will probably work fine, one big advantage of the tbeam is much better power management and the battery level reporting is accurate.

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If you are doing solar the RAK boards are the way to go, much lower power so you can use a way smaller panel and battery.

Thank you for the reply, clearly I barely know what I’m talking about. haha.

Here is the exact hardware I purchased:

I have another follow-up question. When using the Meshtastic flasher, which device should I be selecting? I believe my device is called a LILLY TTGO, but that’s not an option in the drop-down list. I’ve tried all the versions of tlora, but it freezes my device. Only the “tbeam” option seems to work, but as you pointed out I don’t have a TBeam. Help?


Thank you!!!

That is a tbeam in your picture