How is position sent?

New guy here, so apologies if this has been touched on before. I can’t quite find the answer I’m looking for in documentation or forums.

How is position data form nodes shared across the mesh? It it shared over the primary channel? And if so, is it encrypted with the primary channel PSK?

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My understanding is yes, these messages are sent over the primary channel. From my logs if I recall correctly they are sent as node position packets and various flags can be enabled or disabled in settings.

Somebody else might chime in with a better answer but you can also take a look at the mesh log through the python interface and examine with the packets look like coming into your node. And I’m not necessarily sure how this works with multiple channels enabled but with just one I assume it certainly happens over the primary channel.

Welcome to the party! You’re gonna have a lot of fun messing around and tinkering with this blossoming project.

Thanks for the reply.
It was my guess that it was a primary channel function.
Was also curious if position was/could be sent to secondary channels.

Thanks for the welcome! lots of fun and lots to learn!