Help for TOTAL beginners?

Hello All.

@geeksville I’ve been looking for MESHTASTIC for ages.
Work outdoors. I am entirely new to hardware/software integration, a complete illiterate in this environment.
I have not seen/found a tutorial of sorts for steps beyond flashing a device.

Can someone help me understand the download of code to platformio, and coding changes to devices. Especifically being able to avoid sleep mode for solar charging.

I understand I’m asking for a lot but i really want to eventually contribute to the growth of this tech.

Good day ALL.

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Start here for project info Overview | Meshtastic

Dev info is here Overview | Meshtastic

The discord is pretty active for development


Thank you.

I appreciate your prompt response.

I’ve managed to flash 6 devices. Cycled all of them through my devices and checked they operated properly, i mean msgs where sent n received.

What do i do to assign 2 of them as relays, and turn sleep mode of for solar power?

Literally nothing.
Every device also acts as a relay by default :wink: Sleep mode is actually a nice thing since it conserves power. The RF modem stays active all the time, as soon as it receives a message the CPU wakes up.
It’s just a confusion for new beginners since active sleep mode means disabled bluetooth interface. You can manually wake the device via the user button.

Understood thank you.

I shall move ahead with it as is.
Now, i have only iOS devices, can’t seem to find QR code for channel, and/or channel selection at all. Pretty much have an open network?

You can set meshtastic --set is_router true on a device and then it will just wake up for lora messages and other wise sleep, BLE is turned off after a short period.

Where do i set “set meshtastic - - set is_router true’?


Sorry, you have to have the python CLI installed to run that command.

Thank you much Garth.

Am now stuck with installation of drivers CP210x.
There is no .exe file in download package.


If you set

set meshtastic - - set is_router true

you tell your device to permanently disable the bluetooth radio interface. If you use the default setting your device is going to wake up every 15 minutes in order to sync with a phone in case someone has tried to send a message while the device is sleeping (and forgot to press the user button).
It’s not a huge power saving.

Regarding the driver: are you running window 7 and up? If so you do not need to do anything other than to be a little patient, your computer is going to pick up the required driver by itself. Check your device manager, as shown in the documentation.

Hopefully someone with windows can help, I am not allowed to plug USB devices into my only windows box anymore.