ESP32 accessory - Reach & Grab tool to pick up trash

Hey there!

I’ve had that idea for the past 2 weeks to build a grip & grab tool accessory. I’d pretty much add an ESP32 with GPS to my trash picker, and have a few buttons to categorize trash (cups, masks, cans, bottles, plastic wrap, etc…), take a picture using an action cam over Wi-Fi (I have a Xiaomi Yi HD action cam with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with some doc I found online) and log GPS coordinates and time to build a heat map of where I find the most trash in my city, and make it open data!

Bonus point: I can train an ML model to categorize trash based on pictures once I have enough data.

I learnt about Meshtastic while buying this board that has GPS on board, as it mentioned it in the title:

Do you think I could build a plugin on top of Meshtastic to do this kind of thing? Or should-I build a custom solution?

Thank you and have a nice day!


I just received my T-Beam 1.1, I’ll experiment with it soon :slight_smile: