Camp sensor network

Hi, amazing project!

I have an idea for using the ecosystem to build off the grid IOT networks, like remote motion sensors for stealth camping, monitoring and controling of off the grid solar devices etc. I’m sure this topic comes up occasionally. (like Motion sensor for driveway alarm, Automatic broadcast)

So I was wondering if it would make sense to build this on top of meshtastic or should I look into appropriating just your lower layers that handle mesh & encryption?

Do you offer some way to extend the hardware for aditional inputs and software with custom messaging capabilities? (guess I can also just send the JSON and parse the messages, even tho it would be nice to still be able to utilize the android app for comms as intended and not pollute those streams)

If there is no support for it yet, is it planned, and does it make sense to help with development there?


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I see this is mentioned and planned in


There is some stuff you can do using the python interface, but you need another device to talk to the metastatic node. I do believe more is planed for using the nodes as a sensors. If a dev wants to start working on it that is the quickest way for those features to be added.

I don’t know if it makes much sense, but I think it would be really cool if the current devs could create and through comments document a ‘safe space’ within the meshtastic node code, maybe as a include file, like ‘’ that documents the useful interfaces and allows the creation, or response to a defined message content and manipulation of a set of pins.

The benefit of this in my mind is we can load up the project in an editor and only play with one file for our user action stuff and not have to learn the whole project to find the place to inject our code


Agreed. The clean api for adding ‘apps’ that run on the device and are easy to write (and refactoring the current ‘app’ to be just another coresident app) is high on my task list (see my other thread for sequence). Alas at the current dev rate that won’t be done until early Dec ish?


Dec is super amazing,
I’m up to at least beta test & document when ready


Sounds amazing! I was just thinking about this possibility a few days ago. Starting to learn Kotlin, reads almost like Ruby which is my primary language.

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I had the same issue:
So far I understood the std boards suggested a deal with exchanging text messages and position
Would it be very complicated to add sensors for environmental variables eventually notified by the App on a connected smartphone?
I am also thinking to the Wisblock frame of RAKwireless

which does already have the possibility to easily customize the boards with a number of different sensors

Mini update on this for people on the discourse

Seeing some great work on this :heart_eyes:

Thank you devs!