DK7ZB yagi antenna

I recommend DK7ZB yagi antennas. I built this one: 5-Element-50-Ohm-Yagi for 70 cm.
I used 6mm aluminium rod.
Node is mount on my roof 11 meters above ground and it’s powering by 6m cabl from USB charger. I added a Li-pol 4000mAh battery.
It works perfect.

And some tests (signal always above 65%): pan nab pan terp


I’ve been building DK7ZB antennas for a long time and I can attest their worth. Stick with the 50 Ohms designs, as they’re the least critical, but please do try to work with sub-mm precision when cutting and positioning the elements.

Also, place a couple of ferrite beads on the feedline, as close as possible to the radiator, to improve currents balance.


st-pr profil
Works fine for a week. I’m waiting for really bad weather.

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The snowstorm does not disturb the connection. :grinning:

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I had to do a double take on your pictures. I think it’s cool that you put the radio inside an enclosure that is the main radiator for the antenna. Very innovative!