433mhz Antennas Diy

Good day all, on this thread I will post all my 433mhz antenna builds and readings, here you can see my first 4 attempts to make a 433mhz antenna initial I realized they were pretty big using my Nano VNA I was able to come up with a folded dipole that was almost 50% shorter than my last 3 builds I have also attached the VNA readings.

I will be using these on relays when I make them.

Feel free to ask question I am also open to suggestions

My next step will be to permanently connect the feeder lines and encase the setup


Measurements for #4

I basically stumbled upon this design, #4 was way too complicated to be reliably repeated it was maxing out form factor (PVC pipe diameter), so I was cutting off some of the folds a U shaped fold fell.

Took up the fallen fold changed the orientation of the clips, loaded the longest piece of waste copper I had as a resonator, used the fold as “radial(s)”(see pic to understand), I also used it to dial the the ohms in, it turned out to be a joy to tune, plus it was perfect for the inside of a P

VC pipe coming in at 6 inches, I was like finally i got one under 7 inches


Rice or Nice? Took all I learnt from various things I did with copper. I believe this is it


Just going to say, copper is king

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That’s fantastic! I’ve got a VNA as well and been testing the antennas that I have for my various LoRa projects, mesh and tracking systems. The only antenna I found that was actually in 900mhz range was my ipx slim antenna. Seems to be just the antenna, but I wonder if the supporting spring housing on the outside may be a ground plane or part of the antenna itself. Being you can see the antenna in the center of the spiral wound spring.

All other rubber ducky’s were below 868mhz or 2.4 GHz and so on. :man_facepalming: surprisingly, still made contact from 8km away. Imagine if it was properly tuned. Lol

I’d like to make one like yours in 915mhz range just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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After doing a ton or reseaech, I realized I needed to make my own antanna if I was ever going to get any antenna that would be at the correct frequency, I tried numerous types/ designs in the end the Sleeved dipole and Jpole seem to fit to bill for my applicantion, the coils while the might be small don’t have much range, as someone once told me, nothing beats having more meat in the air.

Feel free to ask me anything will be more than happy to share.


Thanks for your reminder, I saw Jpole seem antenna in the reply, out of curiosity I searched, I think J-Pole Antenna is small and easy to DIY, VE3SQB (http://www.ve3sqb.com/) developed a J-Pole Antenna size calculator, VE3SQB also developed VE3SQB has developed more antenna size calculation software.


Forgive me for my ignorance, there are actually many resources, just need to discover and learn.

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Thanks for the time I appreciate it, I have 3 prototypes so far, did’nt post the last one as I wasn’t finished tuning it, so far I have a Hatted Dipole, a Sleeved Dipole and the j pole is what I am working on now after tuning will post when tuning is complete.

I am looking forward to it, and if possible I will imitate the production.

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Did a few sweeps, see pics for the stats, will be sending you measurements as well

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Thanks for posting the pics, looks beautiful. I don’t have a NanoVNA yet, and the unmeasurable antenna is probably just metal junk.

What the math said

What I eventually ended up with to get the desired frequency and Ohms

This is my collection, waiting on the T beams to do a real field test

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From what I have seen, the Math is not perfect but it gets you very near to where you should be, the Nano VNA is a good investment especially if you are making antennas

Wow! Awesome, looking forward to some good test results.

I will learn about and buy a NanoVNA.

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Watch these videos

Thank me later, working on the same 433mhz as well?

Not 433 MHz, CN is 470 MHz, another project TinyGS is 433 MHz, I can try it.

If you would like I could Mockup a 470mhz of a design of your choosing and send you the measurements and pictures

I subscribed to Andreas Spiess’ channel because I’m new to it and because my English listening is very poor, so I haven’t been able to use such a good learning resource effectively.

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It’s so moving :joy:. Please don’t do this, I need to learn some basics first and then ask you for advice when I need it.

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