Antenna Recommendations 2022

I would like to compile the latest and greatest antenna recommendations on this thread.

So far, I have used the T-Beam 1.1s with SX1278 at 433 MHz (LongSlow, 20 dBm Tx Power) with these antennas and I only get about 1 KM of range even with a line of sight. I do not know if it’s because of my boards, interference, or simply because the antennas suck.

The stock antennas that come with T-Beams are crappier than these.

I am looking forward to suggestions for antennas that are portable. Omnis, directional antennas such as Moxons are welcome as suggestions too. I would request you to not mention huge ( like 5 feet ) antennas on this thread as most users use mobile nodes. I will create a separate thread for that.


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All of these small type antennas are NO antennas but dummy loads, have no radiation patern.
Antenna is the most important element from your whole radio setup
Example, on 433 when i have 100 Watts put in 5 cm Wire, no one will hear me.
Put 100 Watts in UHF base antenna on 10 meter above ground, my range will be minimum 30+++ km

433 use COMET, DIAMOND or SIRIO UHF base antenna price +/- 50 - 90 USD/EU
868/915 use SIRIO base antenna +/- 50 USD/EU
Live in heavy city area surrounding buildings, use 4 dBd
Live in open country area, use 10 dBd
These antennas will stand at least 15++ years on a roof top
If you not spend money to buy good antennas, you never get maximum range out of your device.
In all antenna situations … Hight - high - higher - very high… is the magic word.