Disconnecting a node

How do I remove a node from a meshed network?

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Turn it off and wait a while…

But it is still listed on Android app and the count of nodes does not decrease

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Thats only temporarily. I need a definitive removal from the network…

Currently the only way to clear the node db is via factory reset

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How do I do that? I am having the worst time installing flasher, none of the pip install commands run on my new python.

What firmware version are you running? Syntax is different for the 1.3 alpha, and not every feature is working yet.

Beta, the recommended version. I guess I dont know what line commands to use to install the unzipped folders. I have the unzipped meshtastic-gui-installer files on my computer using git bash. thats as far as Ive gotten.

In the firmware zip file, fool proof way is to use the install script.

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Where would I find it?

you find it by unzipping the firmware-file

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I did that, didnt find anything that says “script”

Looks like you are looking at the Flasher app itself. Download the firmware directly from here: Downloads | Meshtastic

After downloading the firmware from GitHub:

You should see the install and update shell scripts:

You can run them in your command line after ensuring you are connected to your device according to this guide:

./device-install.sh -f firmware-BOARD-VERSION.bin will be the command you are looking for once you unzip the file; replacing firmware-BOARD-VERSION.bin with what is appropriate for your board.


Thank you so much, I will try these steps tonight and give an update then.

Amazing! Thank you again, all reset here. This didn’t install the Meshtastic window app like I was hoping. Any tips on how thats done?