Meshtastic App - Removing connections

I’m using the newest version of the APP on Android 14. I added some Heltec V3’s and I noticed after I name each of them that the name was taken by the other in certain portions of use. How do I just wipe all previous connections and start over fresh?

Not sure if this is an “issue” or I’m just a noob that bad and I’m not seeing the option to remove the nodes…


Click on the coloured node name in the tab with the two persons icon, choose “Forget Node”

Or goto radio configuration, scroll down, click “NodeDB reset”

If you mean the devices in the right tab (with cog), you can remove the Bluetooth devices on your Android device, also forget them there

In theory the app is just showing the node list from the connected device. (it can only connect to one device at a time)

At the bottom of the main ‘Radio Configuration’ menu, is an option to factory-reset a device, but can also jsut reset the NodeDB in that particular device.

So I was able to get rid of the BT connections…What about a USB connection? I have included a screenshot. Also I’m unable to “forget” either of the nodes in the tab with “two persons” icon…

The two person icon is the Nodes tab, and definritly should be able to clear that list with the ‘NodeDB Reset’ - although would only work while connected to a device. You clearing the list on the device.

… while not connected to a device, the app is just showing the last cached list. Once reconnect to a device, would be refreshed with latest list from the device.

Not sure about clearing the “device list” from the tab in your screenshot, but that mac address doesn’t look like USB connection, but a cached bluetooth connection.
USB connections show differently, but seem to reliably get removed, when unplugged for me.