Disable Bluetooth PIN for connection

Hello, I have two TTGO (v1) with Oled display and I flashed the meshtastic image. But now I have a problem because one of the display doesn’t work. Therefore I can get the pin to connect the device to the phone.

There is a way a could disable the pin or hardcoded to something?

Thank you to you all for the awesome work that you put in the phone application and device application

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One option is connecting via serial. It doesn’t disable pin but it is a way to connect without a screen.

here is a quote from @dafeman in another thread “terminal (Putty works well) at 921600 baud and look for the message “onPassKeyNotify xxxxxx” when you attempt to pair to it”

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Yep. Serial will work. Also you might double check the soldering on the second screen (and ensure the back of the screen isn’t shorting out against components in the main board). It might not help but others have had that happen.

Thank you!

Yeah the serial connection works.

I will check it out the display soldering.

Again thanks for your help