Suggestions and questions about the connection between mobile phones and development boards

When my mobile phone OTG connects to esp32, esp32 automatically turns off Bluetooth and can only perform serial communication. What’s worse is that I can’t trigger the pin code provided in serial communication through Bluetooth. I hope this problem will be improved.

Hi @Mango-sauce,

I think this is a side effect of how I set it up to automatically connect to USB devices if it sees one. For right now you can go to the settings page of the app and chose “none” for what to connect to. Then press the reset button on the device. Now the device will happily talk BT and pair.

I guess I should disable the “automatically connect to USB devices if nothing is paired” behavior?

@geeksville, Maybe disable the default behavior is a good idea. The APP could recommend/suggest using OTG, if a device is recognized trough USB?