BME280 on T-Echo

Does having a BME280 on a T-Echo display the temperature, humidity, and pressure on the screen, reported from the device itself?

Also, do my device’s temperature, humidity, and pressure readings show up on another T-Echo’s screen in the same mesh?

I have T-Echo’s without the BME280 modules and I cannot find any info about the sensor readings on the T-Echo display.

Did you turn it on? Telemetry Module Configuration | Meshtastic

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I don’t have a T-Echo with BME280, hence why I am asking around here before buying one.

It has to be enabled. Telemetry Module Configuration | Meshtastic

No, not on their device’s screen, it’s visible within the clients for other members of the Mesh.

The telemetry module isn’t specific to any devices. It’s the same for all devices, so the info we have in the docs represents all, including the t-echo.