Sending bme280 sensor data

[QUESTION] Hi all! I’m a new user of the firmware and I have a question, I use the LILYGO TBeam v1.1 and I’m wondering if it is possible to attach the bme280 sensor to other pins than gpio 21 and 22 where by default is the OLED screen soldered, I thought for example about GPIO2 and 13?
And one more, what is the easiest way to get the data from the sensor and send them via channel chat to the mobile application? Is this functionality already implemented somewhere in the code?

Thank you in advance!

I am new to Meshtastic as well, but from what i have been reading, it looks like support for the bme280 is currently available by using the Telemetry module.

I have a DS18B20 temperature sensor that i was hoping to try, but it looks like it’s no longer supported. I guess i will be getting a bme280 or similar in the near future.