Eviromental sensor wont report temperatures below 0°C

So this probably isn’t an issue to many people but coming into winter in Canada, I have noticed my T-echo in my truck wont report back a temperature when its below 0°C
Is this a limitation on the bandwidth we have spare for telemetry?
My current workaround is to use Fahrenheit but I don’t know it all that well.

Can you look at the serial logs for the device and see if it comes through there? There doesn’t appear to be anything in the firmware limiting that metric to above zero. I’m wondering if it’s a display bug in the Android app.

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Thanks for the Idea, So I have gone ahead and connected up a node via serial, here is what it is receiving so I think you are correct about it being a problem on the android app.

02:49:57 4799 [Router] (Received from T-c): barometric_pressure=1033.558472, current=0.000000, gas_resistance=0.000000, relative_humidity=46.426758, temperature=-2.850000, voltage=0

As you can see it is receiving the temperature correctly with the negative symbol -2.850000

Would anyone be able to look into this further for me?

Thanks for all your hard work with Meshtastic, loving it

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You can file an issue here Issues · meshtastic/Meshtastic-Android · GitHub

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I would like to use this sensor set up for a remote root cellar. What sensor module did you use? Thanks!

Supported sensors are listed here Telemetry Module Configuration | Meshtastic

Thank You! Now I just need to find compatible sensors.