LilyGo T-BEAM BME280 module installation

Meshtastic supports Telemetry Module, which is great! The T-BEAM itself does not have a BME280 module and needs to be installed. My T-BEAM has the same GPIO pins for OLED_SSD1306 and BME280, and the BME280 is not working (I tried it before). I also need the BME280 to detect temperature. I can see the temperature through the Android app or another T-BEAM, so I removed OLED_SSD1306 and retained only the BME280.

The T-BEAM is packed in the factory packaging box, which makes installation easy.

BMP280 is the lowest-temperature module without air humidity detection, while BME280 is better because it also detects air humidity.

The T-BEAM and LORA frequency in the picture above are 923 MHz, which is not within my frequency usage range. I am only using it for testing purposes. My country’s regulations require a frequency of 470 MHz.