Bluetooth Paring Issue

Device won’t pair and doesn’t ever show in the Bluetooth section it seems as if it thinks it’s paired but it ain’t so it won’t go into pairing mode.

gonna need more info. what app? android, iOS? app version? what device and firmware version?

Meshtastic App 1.2.53 on Android Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW
T-Beam V1.1 Meshtastic 915MHZ

the latest release changes how Bluetooth devices are added, moving away from the classic method of scanning Bluetooth all the time.

if you don’t see your device listed, add or change devices clicking the (+) button.

add button

let me know if that works for you.

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It wouldn’t work before but now it worked thanks anyways. It might’ve been a time error or something like that because I just let it be for sometime and just tried. But thanks anyhow.