BLE Timeout after 5 Seconds

I’m using the iPhone App. I was able to connect to my new T-Beam that had 1.0.0 loaded. Naturally, I didn’t have any of the cool Android features. I was unable to access the web portal of the device, so I figured I would update to 1.2.48. The update seemed to go fine. I was able to set the region via the python settings via the cli (running windows).
Since, with the iPhone app, when I tap on the “available radio”, after a few seconds I receive “BLE Connecting Timeout after making 5 attempts to connect to @Meshtasic_blabla”. Naturally, no deice is connected, yet the radio still shows available.
Since I am “Androidless”, I ordered a Amazon Fire which will be here tomorrow. In the mean time, I’ll solder up another shiny T-Beam that has 1.0.0 on it and give it a try. Thanks!

If you’re using wifi, update to 1.2.50 – it’s more stable for web stuff.

K, I’ll do that next. I just soldered up 2 more, both with 1.0.0. I was able to pair up just fine with the current ver of the iPhone app.

Regarding the Wifi Stuff, is the html packages installed in the image? I read on one of the docs, the web pages needed to be loaded separatly

The device is trying to connect 5 times for 2 seconds each and failing. There are a ton of bugs with the iOS app BLE and the 1.0 firmware version, you may need to update your device firmware (I would recommend 1.45+) and forget your device under settings and connect again. I am working through some BLE bugs so the crash reports help.

Ok, forgetting the device and adding with the 1.2.45 seems to work correctly. I’ll jump to 1.2.50 Alpha for better wifi. I’ll have an android later today for testing as well. Thanks!

Interesting, I updated one unit to 1.2.50 Alpha and when it boots, it displays 1.2.50, however when querying it via cli, it state 1.2.48. ID in iPhone app is 1.2.48. Oh, doesn’t seem to transmit anymore either. Again, I’m on iphone. Android shortly…

Any reason why with the t-beam disconnected, after system reboot, the python scripts still say I’m running 1.2.48? Heh.

Seems like it didn’t actually update, I just read the firmware version number of the device in the iOS app, the cli does the same.

Seems I needed to update the python stuff to play with the new ver of the device.