Anyone in Spain?

Any users from Spain?,

I’m located in Madrid area, (north-west), just testing a T-Echo device.



I am originally from Spain (and I travel back there quite a lot) but living in California now, I know of a friend thinking about using meshtastic to connect a couple of semi-abandoned towns in the Sierra de Madrid. Where are you located at?


Great to know that someone is trying to use this technology in Spain. I’m located at Las Rozas, 20km away from city center.


I may try to install a permanent solar powered router on my next trip home, I happen to have access to a very tall tower in the South of Spain. I will keep everyone posted.

Hi, I am also in Spain, I usually move between Aigüestortes (Pyrenees) and Valencia on 433 mhz

Yes. Near San Sebastian de los Reyes.

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there is a group in Telegram Meshtastic España…

I can’t found a telegram group for Spain, any link/invite?. I’m in the south of Madrid in Parla. If anyone want to test something, message me.

Hola, prueba con Telegram: Contact @meshtastic_esp

Thank you!thank you!, If anyone is searching, this link is ok.

Zona interior de Alicante. con sitio alto hacia Valencia

Yo estoy esperando que me lleguen unas placas mi intencion es montar varias en Manresa y Barcelona

I am waiting for some boards to arrive, my intention is to mount several in Manresa & Barcelona

Yeah, im in Valladolid in 868mhz, im still waiting for my t beam tho

Por aqui en Valladolid también pero en 433… Alguien puede ofrecer el canal de Telegram correcto? los indicados no me aparecen. Por otro lado, alguien puede aclarar qué hay que configurar y cómo sería la operativa una vez configurado el equipo?

Aqui otro nodo. En Barcelona

Hi, I’ll be visiting Barcelona soon. I see some nodes have been going in. I want to use Meshtastic while I am there. But, I am not sure what the best frequency is. Should I plan for 433 or 868? I will probably have to buy a radio specifically for there.

Yes I am off to Madrid shortly. Most UK users (and French too) opted for 868. Maybe this is an excuse to buy a 433 version then

I’m in Valencia, waiting for a couple RAK solar stations to install them as repeaters (868)

The 433 T-Beam arrived too late for my trip to Madrid. I took a 868 version with me but made no connections whatsoever. I was on a fourth floor flat in La Latina. I will be back in the Autumn so will try both again.