Antenna Testing Results

I started this thread to contain only test results and links for various antennas for all Meshtastic Devices.

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Nice, I just got my NanoVNA today and did some testing myself. All 4" antenna’s I’ve got with my T-Beams were supposed to have 915mhz antenna’s, yet they’re at around 778-880mhz. Really all over the place sadly. Also tested another set 7" meant for my telemetry radios for drones, those came out at around 997mhz.

Clearly the small 4" antenna’s work because I’ve been able to link 2 units between a 5 mile distance and a third unit down below to catch the msg.

I’m curious what type of results could be expected from a fine tuned antenna.

Thoughts on that?

I had the same problems with the short antennas (tuneds to 868 MHZ) that came with my TTGOs. The one medium length one i have is locked away in one of my 3d printed cases so i haven’t had a chance to test it yet. I think i will only be buying antennas from digikey for these in the future.