Android Dropdown wont Set Region

Hardware: Lilygo T-beam V1.1
Firmware: 1.3.10 (from factory)
Phone: Pixel 6
App version: 1.3.42

I am performing first time setup on these devices. So far I have:
Connected via bluetooth, verified by new device in the list Meshtastic_52f0, and cloud icon contains a checkmark.

Persistent notification in notification drop down bar says “Connected: 0 of 0 online”
I have a field for “Your Name” which I am unable to select and modify, the text to the right says “Unset” and when I attempt to set via the Region drop down menu, No selections will result in any discernable change. The text remains “Unset” and the information below the “Your Name” field says “You must set a region”

I have reported the bug.

How shall I workaround setting the region?

1.3.10 needs to be upgraded, no clients are compatible

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Ah, thank you. So I should flash new firmware?