LILYGO®TTGO T-Beam devices positions not refreshed in Meshtastic APP

Hi Support,

I bought a LILYGO®TTGO T-Beam v1.1 923 MHz and I have flashed the firmware in order to set 868 MHz because I’m in Italy.

I have performed different tests with two Android Smartphone and two T-Beam devices using Meshtastic Android APP (version 1.2.65) and paired with the T-Beam without any problems and T-Beam firmware have been updated automatically through APP to 1.2.65 version too.

Meshtastic APP configurations set for tests:

Region: EU868

Provided location to mesh: flag selected

Channel Options: Medium Range/Fast channel

Broadcast position period (in seconds): set to 60

is_always_powered: flag selected

Unfortunately, during my tests I’m not satisfied, because I found the following issues:

  1. Only my device position paired with my smartphone is up to date into Meshtastic APP. The second devices position is refreshed sometimes into Meshtastic map and not as above configuration set (e.g. The second device, after 30 seconds or more is always in the original position also if has been moved to 50 meters, but the same thing also for 4/5 meters). The position refresh seems works if you try to restart the meshtastic app or try to unset and set the “Provided location to mesh” flag again or click to cloud icon on top right. This behavour is not reliable.

  2. Sometimes the Channel return to default automatically, losing the connections with others devices configured at the beginning of my tests

Some configurations are missing?

Someone can help me to solve this issues?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best regards


1.2 is EOL I would recommend upgrading to the latest version 2 beta (both app and firmware)

Thank you so much for your quick answer.

Have a nice day.

Best regards