Can´t set region, create a channel or name

Anyone else unable to create a channel, select a name and select your region on the app (1.3.41)?

I’ve had similar problem, when entering the region then the device rebooted and asked again to enter the region in an endless loop.

I had to completely erase flash first before flashing the new 1.3 FW to the device.

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Oh, interesting! Since yesterday I have a similar problem.
My T-Echo device forgot all configuration like channel, name and region. A few minutes later it ended in a boot loop. Now idea why. Just flashing a new firmware did not change anything, still in the reboot loop.
How have you managed to erase the entire flash? Was it also a T-Echo?

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Having similar issues with my T Beam too. iOS app seems to work somewhat but android just asks for region but there’s no button for it.
My other newer android 12 phone does not open the connection prompt at all but that’s different problem i guess.

edit2: Set the device to wifi and used the 8 days ago released apk and the app can find the device from the network using older android phone (7.1.2) and messaging works.

If you are using the google play version of the android app it is not compatible with 1.3 devices.

After flashing with the Meshtastic Flasher GUI, I set the region by clicking on device settings, select region then save.

Setting the primary channel name I use the CLI with the command…

meshtastic --ch-set name “insert channel name here” --ch-index 0

I then set a psk key for the primary channel with the command…

meshtastic --ch-set psk <insert 66 character hex key here> --ch-index 0

I used an online random hex key generator.

This works well for setting up multiple units and screenless router/relay nodes.

For other settings I use