1.2.39 alpha up for alpha testers (and 1.2.38 is now the general release)

This is a quick release to just pick up one change for the crashing bug which could happen if using multiple channels. For @iz1kga and others who were affected.


Small typo: 1.2.38 :wink:

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Fixed the typo 1234567890


1.2.39 now reports battery level for RAK4630, thanks!! :+1:


After a few days of testing, I’m happy to report that my nodes are not rebooting/freezing anymore, yay!



My battery level indication for the RAK4630 seems to be a little hit or miss through the app. I’ll get a battery level when I first do a BT connection, but then goes away and returns to the plug symbol.

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I was a bit quick when I wrote that the battery level is reported correctly: I saw it the first time I connected but after that it was the plug symbol only for me as well, just as you say.

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Thanks for the report. Can you open a GitHub bug? - almost certainly the existing constants for battery sensing are wrong for that board.

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My RAK4630 seems to freeze after several hours of operation. The green LED goes from blinking to solid and the node disappears from the mesh. One push of the reset button resets the process without charging the battery.