1.2.6 of the device code is now ready for alpha testers (and is pretty usable)

This release contains fixes to the following things your testing found:

  • Sleep indication was wrong in the app (due to something I moved incorrectly in the device cleanup)
  • Message acks were not showing in the app
  • is_low_power wasn’t forcing sleep like it should (this has been broken for a while)
  • add RU region

I’m also releasing an android app with this change (no important android code changes, but will contain this new firmware)
Third public alpha of this major release chain. I think at this rate within a week it will be ‘definitely better’ than 1.1.x.


  • Unless you truly want to be an ALPHA tester, you should stay with the 1.1.x device and app releases for now
  • Some security features are not yet turned on in this 1.2 release, that will take another couple of weeks
  • firmware builds are now region independent. You must use the android (in the settings tab) or python (with --set region X) tools to set the region for your radio and location. However, we try to preserve old region info, so if you are updating it will try to keep your region correctly. If we don’t know your region we guess and use USA frequencies.
  • The URLs sent by meshtastic 1.2 can only be understood by mesthastic 1.2 or later

Major changes:

  • Settings & channels can now be changed remotely via messages inside the mesh (not yet ready for testing by ya’ll yet - first I want to make a python testharness)
  • We now ‘piggyback’ acks on application layer replies, this substantially reduces airtime consumed
  • Multiple channels are simultaneously supported (not yet ready for testing though - please wait until I write a full wiki on the topic)
  • Lots of internal cleanup which will result in smaller/faster packets

Upgraded using install script from zipfile.
Upgraded app and python package to 1.2.6
Setting region via python. (found that 3 is EU865)
Messages are getting acked and device is going to sleep and no longer disconnects.
It looks good!
Thanks for all the hard work you put into this.

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Yes, acks and sleep issues are fixed for me as well.


I noticed that in app 1.2.6 the debug panel and advanced settings have a transparent background that shows the previous screen. Also, I thought I saw a button next to the name textbox in the settings tab, I think it might be covered up by the country dropdown which seems out of alignment:

Other than that it looks good, updated via bluetooth in my first try

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I think I’ve found a bug with the acking of messages. Previously, if a message was not received by the other devices on the network, after a certain period of time you would see a cross through the cloud instead of a tick. Now though, when out of range of my mesh, or with all of my other devices turned off, the app is (after a short period) showing a tick for every message sent, instead of indicating which messages haven’t been acknowledged by the net. I’ve so far tested this on two t-beams and one t-lora 1.6, all having the same behaviour with 1.2.6. Is anyone else seeing this?


thanks for the report @Stephen304 - that will be fixed in the next alpha.
thanks @apt105 - I’ll also investigate that and hopefully fix in the next alpha.

Since 1.2 is ‘not on fire’ now. I’m going to spend a couple of days catching up on some hardware support work for new widgets. I probably won’t be checking the forum much until later this week.

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at first, the messages went in one direction only. there was no delivery confirmation. after a while everything began to work as it should. Tbeam 433
the device does not show the gps position (no sat, no gps lock), but shows the direction and distance. shows the position on the map of the application.
the report was recently sent from two phones

I have an issue where the signal strengths are showing quite low. i have 3 t-beams within 6 feet of each other and after the update I see anywhere from 0% to 50% signal strength. Before the update these all showed 100%.


I got an error with 1.2.6 on both device and Python API when setting the router setting. The old setting has a depreciation error and the new format failed. The meshtastic --nodes command failed as well.

I have updated to 1.2.6, I have the latest api. I am using android app 1.2.5. I had one tbeam (T22_V1.1 20191212 M8N) running and all was very good - pairing, texts, maps, advanced settings although I saw the two page effect I could still change the settings.
I added a second tbeam (T22_V1.0 20190612 6M). That paired fine too but did not mesh. I also lost the mapbox page for both tbeams - I get the error analytics are disabled. The I lost the second tbeam completely and still no mapbox for either device - same error. On the people icon page I do see both devices.

Okay - added a third device. Mapbox back! Not sure why there is so much fluctuation in behaviour. But all three seem fine now. I did alter broadcast position to 375 and sleep to 30 on all three devices - maybe that helped.

On some of these issues I often wonder if force quitting the android app then clearing app data would help.

meshtastic --set is_router true

Worked for me.

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I think this is probably clearer than my description above. The --nodes command now looks better than before so who knows what happened there.

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ooh thanks - that helped!

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There seems to be some issue with abbreviation of names and names resolving to gibberish like !050c32fc. Also rapid succession of messages appear to be received out of order and not put back into order. See screenshot.

I have seen this but it seemed to resolve names after a few minutes. I did go into the username and reselect it, not sure if that did anything.