1.2.31 feedback

I finally ordered a TTGO T-Beam. Looks like there’s been a lot of progress made on Meshtastic over the past ~10 months. I’m impressed! Great work, @geeksville and everyone!

I tried out the Android app, and I’ve some thoughts about it after trying it out – I’m making some assumptions about the underlying implementation:

  1. A lot of the input requires the use of an on-screen keyboard. (I’m guessing the OK/Accept key has a key event bound that’s being used to trigger code behind the UI.) This doesn’t work correctly if you’ve got a hardware keyboard attached (for example, Bluetooth, slider phone, or clamshell phone / tablet with integrated keyboard). I opened a ticket #281 for this.
  • Setting “Your Name” doesn’t stick unless you press the “OK/Accept” button on the software input panel. Hitting “Enter” on a hardware keyboard doesn’t do anything. (Maybe it’d be good to add a button for “Save Settings” instead.) Moving to the Message tab without pressing the OK/Accept button on the Android software input panel results in “Your Name” being reset to what it was before editing.
  • Text entered on the messaging tab can’t be sent without the “OK/Accept” button. (Users who have a hardware keyboard attached will usually have “Show virtual keyboard” turned off by default, so you won’t be able to send messages without enabling that.) Perhaps it’d be good to add a “Send” button on there.
  1. The out-of-the-box UI experience is a little rough. The first thing I saw on launch was “You must set a region!” but there’s no way to set the region. It appears that only becomes available after pairing the device. (Makes sense, since the region thing is for the paired hardware; but the message probably shouldn’t be shown without paired hardware.)

  2. I wasn’t able to find a way to delete messages out of the conversation. This is probably one of those things on the “to-do” list, but I think there’s some basic messaging functionality that’d be helpful, since Meshtastic currently doesn’t do store-and-forward. Commands for deleting or re-sending unacknowledged messages seem like they’d be useful. I see someone has already added message deletion and resending to the requested enhancements. For anyone who stumbles across this thread: track message deletion and re-sending messages on Github.

  3. The Advanced settings panel lets you configure the Broadcast position period but restricts the value entered (for example, >= 375 in Very long range mode); this restriction is relaxed on some modes (>= 3 seconds for Short / fast mode), and upon switching from a less-restrictive mode to a more-restrictive mode, the less-restrictive mode value is retained (i.e. can set 3 seconds for Short, switch/reset to Very long range mode while retaining 3 seconds). This seems like a bug – not sure if it’s restricted on the device code end, or if it’s just restricted on the UI side. Looking at the debug messages, it appears that the higher refresh rate for the broadcast position period takes effect even on long-range mode.

I’m hoping I can contribute more substantially in the future, but for now, I’ll just be observing and testing as much as I can. :slight_smile: